Drawings 025


Classification: Waltz/Singing Pokemon

Height: 3'00"

Weight: 43 lbs

Type: Light-Normal

Pokedex 1: Tuncuency is another melody/dancing pokemon, so some people say that Tuncuency and Meloetta are somehow mysteriously related.

Pokedex 2: When Tuncuency goes to dance-mode, her upside-down minim hair turns into a double-beamed note and she wraps her dress all the way around her waste.

Breedable: Yes, but does not make another Tuncuency.

Gender: Female


(Tuncuency learns all these moves by chance, not by certain levels)



Disarming Voice

Hyper Voice

Echoed Voice

Grass Whistle


Relic Song

Metal Sound


Light Beam

Swords Dance

Petal Dance

Feather Dance

Quiver Dance

Teeter Dance

Perish Song

Lunar Dance

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