warning: Some parts of this story may disturb children that are under the age of whoever can handle slaughter stories and movies. If you get creeped out easily by slaughters and stuff like that, you may want to read some other story besides this one.
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Part OneEdit

In the human dimension,

"Jonah, we HAVE to get rid of this disc!" Isaiah said. "It's evil! It must be destroyed!"
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Top 22 Gaming Creepypastas

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Jonah rolls his eyes. "Ok, you're being too superstitious. This disc isn't evil. Maybe I should keep it for a while."

"NO!" Isaiah shouts at Jonah. "I bet someone is just waiting to take it, and use it! The last person DIDN'T destroy it, unfortunately, and then look what happened, even with the warning his friend, Kyle, wrote on it!"

"Wow, Isaiah, I never thought you'd actually tell me to destroy a SONIC game, especially since you're obsessed with him."

"Jonah, this isn't SONIC, and this isn't a GAME. It's a DEMON and it's HELL!" Isaiah tries to take the disc out of Jonah's hands but Jonah pulls it out of his reach.

"Isaiah, I will play it, and find out, and you'll find out that there is no curse in this stupid game." Then Jonah walks out the door to see for himself about the game. Isaiah runs out the door but he's already in his mom's car and it drives off. "Jonah! No!" Isaiah shouts. Isaiah sighs and goes back inside. "Jonah is so dead...... I must go and save him!!!" Isaiah gets his bike and pedals fast towards Jonah's house 6 blocks away.

Part TwoEdit

Jonah puts in the disc and starts playing. "Well, I have to admit...this game is pretty creepy."

Isaiah then bursts through the door. He could already hear the evil laughter... Isaiah runs up the stairs and Jonah's bedroom door was locked. Isaiah tried to open the door but couldn't. Maybe theres a way through the bathroom! Isaiah runs into the bathroom, but then all the doors and windows shut immediately. Isaiah looks at the tv. "Who the heck has a TV in their bathroom? That's just plain weird... wait, I do that too..." But then he noticed it turning on by itself. Isaiah looked at the clock, and it just turned 11:00 P.M. Isaiah whispered to himself in complete horror and fear, "oh, don't the song...!!" Immediately Can You Feel The Sunshine comes on, but regularly. But then after a few 20 or 30 seconds, it started to rewind. "SONIC.EXE, PLEASE! NO! YOU ALREADY HAD ONE VICTIM, DON'T TAKE ANOTHER! EVEN IF YOU HAVE TO SUMMON YOUR OWN SERVANT!!!" Then Isaiah looks at the mirror. It has a note in blood on it. It said Oh, stop whining, Isaiah. You know, I know, Sonic.EXE knows, that you're about to die. Lets have some fun, shall we?, but when Isaiah just got done reading, Isaiah hears Jonah screaming and the door too Jonah's bedroom has blood streaming down it.

Then Isaiah looks back at the mirror and its completely red, and then Tails Doll pops out of it, and with his claws and teeth that time, and with red pupils. "Now let the fun begin......HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!" Tails Doll starts to butcher him, while slaughtering him, and then he decapitates Isaiah with one slice of his nail. Tails Doll returns back to his normal form, holding Isaiah's head. "Well, I know what i'm gonna have for my midnight snack!"

Only 15 seconds till it turns 11:01 P.M. Tails Doll shadows through the wall into Jonah's room and there was blood everywhere, but then Tails Doll saw a head in the screen that had red eyes, and mouth was gushing with blood. "Oh, well now I found someone who can help me have fun with some other people! Ehehehe!" The TV turns off and Tails Doll picks up the disc.

"Oh! Sonic.EXE! I've heard of Sonic somewhere before... Oh! I can travel to his dimension! Hopefully those idiotic talking animals will be more fun then these stupid boring humans!" It turns 11:01, and the portal opens up and Tails Doll walks inside. "Goodbye Humans, hello SONIC AND BUTCHERING SONIC.EXE!" Then the portal closes....

Chapter One: Superstition MurdersEdit

In City Square,

"Hmm...there seems to be less people then usual." Sonic halts in front of the TV shot, and he looks at the tv. "There have been recent murders around the whole city and towns near it," the news reporter informed, "but there were no traces of any evidence whatsoever in any of these crime scenes. Police will not stop until they find whoever is doing these crimes. They don't even know if its more then one person or not. But all these murders only occurred at 11:00 P.M., and/or anytime there was a SEGA Dreamcast or Genesis there. Be on the lookout," a picture of one of the victims popped up on the screen, and then a picture of the victims brother and mother, but then the news reporter changed it to the weather.

"Wow, how famous am I to have such games and consoles? Except...murders are happening on the Dreamcast and Genisis...ha. No way. That's too much superstition." Sonic rolls his eyes and continues walking down the street. "Maybe I should go see Tails about this," Sonic said, thinking of resolving the problem, "I'd better go see him!"

Sonic runs into the Train Station and it closes the door and starts to go. Sonic noticed there was hardly any people on this bus. He just remembered the news reporter and pushed the thought back.

"Hey Sonic, I can't believe how brave you are," the voice startled him. Sonic looked at him. Sonic realized it was just a human fan. Oh hey, this guy is one of the victim's brother Sonic thought. "What do you mean how brave am i?" Sonic asked the man.

"Sonic.EXE is coming here now." "What? Sonic.EXE? You mean that stupid glitchy creepypasta of one of my games?"

"Yes...he's coming after you and your friends. I suspect Tails and Knuckles will be the first..."

"Sonic.EXE isn't even real."

"YES HE IS! I was THERE! I saw him with my own eyes!" the man had a look of fear in his eye. "I was playing Sonic The Hedgehog with my brother, but should know the creepy-pasta...but then, it was more then that, a big portal opened up in the screen, and it started playing Can You Feel The Sunshine backwards... Then a yellow doll came out and then Sonic.EXE popped up behind us. I ran out of the door and my brother was right behind me, but then it shut immediately. I was scared to death. Blood ran down the door as I ran downstairs. I called the cops. But later, they're gonna put me on Death Row."

"Wait, a yellow doll?"

"Yep, it kinda looked like Tails though. I think it might have been Tails Doll but I can't be too sure."

"Ugh, people and their stupid creepy-pasta superstitions. How are you even on this train if you're on Death Row?"

"I ran away. But now I regret it, because now Sonic.EXE and Tails Doll are coming after me too..." the man grabbed Sonic and looked into Sonic's eyes with tears. "PLEASE! SAVE ME!!" Then the train suddenly stopped. They were at Mystic Ruins. Sonic shook the guy off and ran away. "NO!!! PLEASE!!!" suddenly the doors shut and zoomed off somewhere else. Sonic looked at the train and saw the person bursting with tears in the window, but then the train disappeared into the tunnel.

"That guy is pretty crazy..." Sonic said, but then he zoomed off to go to Tails' Workshop.

Chapter Two: Tails' NightmaresEdit

In Tails sleep,

Tails opens up and finds out hes just floating in an open space thats blood red, but Tails couldn't breathe. Tails sees a white portal in a TV far away. He starts to swim towards it and propels his tails to go faster. Tails started losing more oxygen but when he got near the portal, something grabbed his tail. Tails looks back and he saw a doll that looked just like him. It then grew its sharp claws and teeth and started sawing off Tails' tail. Tails scrame and lost alot more oxygen. He finally kicked the doll off and his other tail floated lonely, cut off from the rest of Tails' body. Tails felt pain surge through his whole body because of it. The doll lipped something, that Tails could read. I'm coming for you first...hehehe... but finally Tails thawed and was about to die from loss of oxygen. He went through the portal and he woke up.

He suddenly took a gasp of air, like he actually lost his oxygen. He looked at his tails, and sighed with relief that they were there. Then he found out who that was. "Tails Doll..." he muttered under his breath, with his eyes filled with fear. Tails ran out of his workshop. But then he turned around and it was gone. He looked back forward, and he was at Emerald Hill and it was dark red in the sky. "No....NO!!!" Tails shouted.

Tails made a run for it. He started to fly but then he felt an agonizing pain in his tails. He looked at them, and one was missing and the rest of that missing tail was bleeding to death. He continued to run, even with the pain surging through him.

Tails stopped at the sight of Sonic. "Sonic! Help! Please!" But then that 'Sonic' turned around. Tails gasped. That Sonic had red eyes, and had black sockets while blood was running out of his eyes. "No..." Tails whispered.

"Wanna play tag?" the monster said, "Maybe you should be it this time!" then he disappeared. Once Tails blinked, he thought he was in hell. There was fire and burning animals and robots everywhere, with skeletons of animals too. Blood raining. Tails started crying and got on his knees, crying even more. But he got control of himself. "Sonic.EXE now...what is happening..." Tails got up and started running forward trying to find Sonic.EXE. Tails looked back and his tail was back. But then, he looked forward and Sonic.EXE was right in front of him. Sonic.EXE raised his arms to grab him and said, "PRAISE ME!!!!" then right when Sonic.EXE swiped his arms to kill Tails, Tails just disappeared.

"WHAT?!!!! NO!!!! I ALMOST GOT HIM!!!! CURSE REALITY!!!!" Sonic.EXE got a hold of himself. "But theres plenty of more chances and plenty more of people. Muahahaha....I....AM.....GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Chapter Three: When Will It End?!Edit

When Tails wakes up, he finds that Sonic is shaking him while saying, "TAILS!!! WAKE UP!!!!"

"I'm up, i'm up!" Tails says. Then Tails remembers the nightmare. "Oh no....he's coming.....HE'S COMING FOR US ALL!!! And I'm first..." Tails runs to the corners and wraps his tails around himself. Sonic stares at him dumbfoundedly. "Who exactly IS coming for you, Tails?"

"Sonic.EXE...a-and Tails Doll...i've always had nightmares about Tails Doll...and warnings that he would one day come...and I didn't believe it....and THEY'RE COMING FOR ME! Then Knuckles....then Dr. Eggman....then Cream.......then Amy......then Vector.....then E-" Sonic interupts Tails. "THESE STUPID SUPERSTITIONS! They aren't real!!! I can't believe even YOU believe its real! This whole thing is a joke!"

"I bet the other murders...have been by Tails Doll and Sonic.EXE.....Tails Doll is just USING corner all of us...."

"Ugh, whatever. I'm going to leave this city til' the whole thing blows over. GOOD. BYE!" Sonic walks out and slams the door.

"'re the last one he's coming for.........." Tails whispers before he faints.

In Metropolis,

"Hopefully even Shadow doesn't believe in this stupid crap..." Sonic mutters under his breath. Sonic looks at the Electronics store. "What the- they're cancelling SEGA Genesis and SEGA Saturn!!! WHAT?! MY POPULARITY!!!! Oh wait...i mean...uh....THE FANS!!!!"

Sonic sighs and keeps walking down the street. Sonic looks down and kicks a stone while moving forward. He immediately looks up and bumps into Shadow. When Shadow turns around, Sonic sees a terrified look in his eyes. "H-He's coming....he came to me before....but now it's just must leave! But there's no way out.....OH MAYBE I CAN USE CHAOS CONTROL TO FREEZE TIME SO I CAN SKIP 11:00 EVERY DAY! YA! But...he can see me in my dreams...."

Sonic looks at him like he's crazy and teases, "Shadow, you're not such a bad*** now, are you?"

Shadow looks at Sonic with rage and fear in his dark red eyes. "A bad*** can't overpower such...such MONSTROUS DEMONIC EVIL!!!" Shadow walks past him and whispers in Sonic's ear, "You will be the last one they get... CHAOS CONTROL!!!!" Sonic gets blinded by the flash of green, and then Shadow was gone.

"This is getting out of hand... too cray-cray for me! I doubt that even Rouge wouldnt be scared. Ha, I might as well go check..." Sonic used spindash and sped ahead towards G.U.N. Quarters.

Chapter Four: The Fearless FemaleEdit

Before Sonic got in the Quarters, he noticed that the building was shut down. The soldiers were gone. He noticed something on top of the building. Rouge! Sonic knew that seduceful look in that bat's eyes. Rouge looked sharply at Sonic and gracefully backflipped off the building and floated down slowly with her wings.

"What are YOU doing here? I thought you would flee like the rest of the others, because of their stupid superstition." Rouge looked curiously at Sonic, "'re the Sonic.EXE." Rouge squinted her eyes at him.

"Finally someone who doesn't believe in those stupid myths!"

"Well, even if they are real, i'm not letting them anywhere NEAR my jewels."

"So, why are YOU still here?"

"Just 'cause i can. I can do anything anywhere abandoned," Rouge winked at Sonic.

"Ok....well....goodbye then...."

"Cya, hun'," Rouge waved at Sonic and flew back inside the Quarters.

She's pretty brave if these things even ARE real....she's like a fearless female. Sonic thought as he walked away.

A few hours later in G.U.N. Quarters,

"Phew, I'm beat," Rouge says, flopping on the ground. She cuddles with 2 jewels and falls into a deep sleep.

Rouge opens her eyes and shes still in the Quarters, but when she looks around, her eyes gleamed at the sight of jewelery EVERYWHERE. "OH BABY!!!!" Rouge shouts, but then she dives into a pile of red jewelery.

But then she falls through a red hole into it and falls into a pile of bloody jewelery. "Huh...?" she says, looking around, "BLOOD jewelery..? what's happening??" Then she looks behind her and a big tsunami of blood is coming, "OH SH-" she was cut off by the tsunami splashing over her. Her wings started hurting, but when she looked back,  they were turning to dust. And so was all the jewelery underneath her. She started losing oxygen and swam all the way up. It was flooding with blood and getting higher. A portal further away caught her eye, but she realized that the blood was touching the cieling and she was underwater. She tried to swim to it.The current was pushing her back but she forced herself forward and she was slowly moving towards the hole. She realized that it was a portal, and she swam faster. She finally got ahold of the portal. But then something grabbed her legs, and that something said, "So you like play hookER? Ehehehehe." But then she felt her legs bleeding and hurting. And when she looked back, Tails Doll was scratching her legs harshly, with his claws. Tails Doll was smiling gruesomely and laughing.

"NO!!! GET AWAY FROM MY JEWELS!!!!" Rouge kicks him off, without her shoes on, and then goes through the portal.Then she opens up her eyes. Her shoes and wings were on. She sighed with relief. She went outside and realized she was at the Green Forest. She looked around and there was blood, skeletons, and dead bodies of G.U.N. soldiers. She was horrified. She ran forward, just finding more broken jewelery and dead soldiers/spies. She saw Sonic. "SONIC!!! PLEASE!!! HELP!!!" Sonic turned around and said, "So are you STILL scared? AHAHAHAHAHA!!" Sonic's eyes turned black and red , which were bleeding. It was Sonic.EXE.  "" Sonic.EXE went behind her and grabbed her b**bs. He squeezed them harder and harder and then, POP. Rouge fell to the ground and disappeared, dead.

In the real G.U.N. Quarters,

Police were surrounding the dead Rouge who had her whole chest popped open. The ambulence came and took Rouge out into the ambulence. Shadow, Knuckles, and Sonic were in the ambulence too. Sonic was griefing over the loss of a friend. Shadow was griefing over a partner. Knuckles was griefing over one of Sonic's friend.

Chapter Five: Mistooken SonicEdit

Sonic was in the hospital with a gloomy look. He was about to get up until two officers came. "Why are officers here?" Sonic asked Knuckles who was beside him. Knuckles looked at him with a terrified look and starts crying. Sonic was confused.

"Put your legs together and your arms behind your back," an officer said.

"What?!" Sonic asked as he did so. The police chained his legs together so he couldn't run and handcuffed him. "What are you doing?! Why am I being locked up?!" Sonic asked. The officers didn't reply, but just looked down in shame at Sonic. One shook their head slowly at Sonic with shame. Sonic was confused and mad. Are they blaming me for the murders of all the people?! Just because I was the last one to see Rouge?! Sonic kept thinking of different questions in his mind.

An hour later, with Sonic in the interrogation room,

"Whats up?!!!" Sonic asked with raging confusion, "Why am I even here?!"

Two detectives came in and looked at eachother and then at Sonic with shame. One of the detectives sat down while the other just stood behind Sonic. "Well, if you don't know why we're here, we will tell you." Sonic sat in utter silence. "We think you were the one who caused the murders."

"Why?!" Rage surged through Sonic.

"Because you were the last one to see Rouge. The only one who was fast enough to escape the crime scene."

The other detective budded in, "Also, there were so many murders in different parts of this world, and most were made in the same way. You are the only one fast enough to go from each scene to the other and fast enough to kill. It was odd though because most happened at the houses with the Genesis. With YOUR first game. It seems like you are getting revenge on your own fans with your games. Also, victims who survived said that they saw someone just like you. We know it wasn't Shadow because the victims said he was blue, had the same body and shoes and gloves as you. We want to know...was it YOU who killed those people?" The detective slammed his hand on the desk and stared at Sonic.

"I didn't kill ANYONE! The only person i'd wanna kill is Eggman! But that would ruin all my fun!"

"We know you did it," the sitting detective did, "so we are going to keep you locked up until we know for sure."


"Sorry. But some of us are just not stupid enough to believe in the Sonic.EXE," the standing detective said, "By the way, i'm Joe. My partner who's sitting his Detective Joey. I'm his partner and the rookie one.

"JOE! No socializing with the defendent!"

"Sorry Detective Joey..."

Joe and Joey were having a conversation, while leading Sonic to his cell. "You did pretty good at that interrigation, Joe."


"Hey, maybe we should go to the lounge and get some coffee later."

"Ok. I prefer decaf though."

Joey whispered to Joe, "I still can't believe Sonic did all this, after all the heroic stunts. He saved the world too many times...but facts dont lie."

They through Sonic into his cell and locked it. Joe and Joey left as Sonic layed down on the bed to think. I don't know who to side with. The people who believe in Sonic.EXE are turning crazy, but the ones who don't believe in it, blame ME! Maybe Sonic.EXE is real....but how is Tails Doll even in this if Sonic.EXE is doing the killing. I bet Tails Doll is just USING Sonic.EXE for more strength so he doesn't have to get his hands dirty...but he must be cornering these innocent people into Sonic.EXE's trap! All the thoughts starting drifting Sonic into sleep. A few seconds later, he was already making Z's.

Chapter Six: Sonic's Belief (Bloody Chaos)Edit

Sonic opened his eyes. He looked around and he was at the place he first battled Eggman... Green Hill. I must be dreaming, i guess. he thought. I won't fall for Tails Doll's trap! He can't fool me... But then he just remembered and said aloud, "HE ISN'T EVEN REAL! This is just a regular dream, i've just been thinking too much about." Sonic looked around after he said that.

He started walking forward and then fell into a hole that just appeared too late for Sonic to notice. Sonic screamed very loud until he finally hit the ground.

He looked around. The seven chaos emeralds were around him, but stained red. He wondered why, until he saw Tails, Knuckles, Amy, and Robotnik bleeding to death on the ground under the emeralds. They were dead. Then Sonic noticed that blood was spurting out of the emeralds too. The color drained out of them and fell, powerless. Suddenly Sonic felt weak and fell to the ground again completely. He struggled to keep his eyes open. But then he felt power again, and he got up. One emerald was still very weakly colored, and Sonic grabbed it. It regained its color completely and Sonic felt normal again. He looked in the distance. He saw a little yellow doll, which was using shadows to reel in the other 6 drained emeralds. The doll picked them up and drained the rest of their power. He grew longer claws, teeth, and transformed into a regular Tails just with claws, red eyes, and the string with a red gem.

Sonic was fearful. But then he just replaced the thought with that this wasn't real. Then Sonic looked behind him. It was Sonic.EXE. Sonic jumped up in the air, dodging Sonic.EXE's deadly grab, hopping on Sonic.EXE's head and then landing on the ground, starting a spindash. Sonic speeds right through Sonic.EXE, and cutting the legs. Sonic.EXE reached inside one of the cuts. He spread it open, blood splashing out, and going down into a big ditch. In a few seconds, the ditch turned into a big literal pool of blood. The pool stretched wider, and Sonic.EXE disappeared. Sonic ran back, aware that Tails Doll was gone too.

Sonic looked at the blood, and it made a big huge shape. Sonic instantly remembered that shape. A Perfect Chaos made out of blood...maybe i'll name him Bloody Chaos! Sonic thought as he stared at Bloody Chaos. Bloody Chaos saw him and shot out a big beam of blood out of its mouth. Sonic ran into a cave to hide from Bloody Chaos's massive chaos. Why can't I wake up?! Sonic was about to go crazy.

Sonic looked at the emerald. There was blood on the emerald that was from the emerald itself. "I won't be able to do this in the form I am now!" Sonic looks at the blood. "But fire beats fire......" Sonic hesitated, and stuck his tongue out. Sonic licked the blood off the emerald. Some of Sonic's fur started to turn red. Sonic's eyes were turning blood red too. Sonic tried to restrain himself from yelling out in pain. Blood was forcing itself out of Sonic's body. Sonic couldn't hold it in anymore. Sonic puked out a cluster of blood. The blood surrounded him as if it were alive and ambushing him. Sonic stopped puking and looked around him. His eye sockets were dark red and his pupils were light red, and kind of dark pinkish too. The blood rose and surrounded him like a dome. Then it caved in on him, right after Sonic squeezed his eyes tight. He felt pain shoot all over him. Then the pain left. He opened up. He was blood red. In fact, his fur was very smooth like rubber. His arms were still the normal color but blood running down them. His gloves were like his arms, normal with blood running down them. Endless blood. I am Bloody Sonic.... Bloody Sonic thought, naming his own form. His shoes were spiked too. His chest was also the same way as his arms and gloves, except when he looked at the spot his heart was, there was a black hole there. He reached his hand through and felt his heart. He ripped it out and ate it. Then his mouth run with blood.

Bloody Sonic ran out of his cave, staring at Bloody Chaos into the eyes deep into the empty souls of both of them. Bloody Chaos shot big seperate heat-seeking blood missiles who went into a look behind Chaos then straight forward at Bloody Sonic. He smiled. The missiles were 2 inches and Sonic just moved out of the way and grabbed all of them with blood-made arms coming from his chest and then his own arms. He threw the missiles right back at Bloody Chaos. They hit Bloody Chaos right in the red gem glowing in his head. It wasn't the normal chaos' brain, it was a red gem made by Tails Doll, one that looked just like the one Tails Doll has. Bloody Chaos spilled all over the ground and formed a bunch of soldiers. They charged at Bloody Sonic with axes and blood-bazookas. Bloody Sonic melted into a pool of blood which seperated into different peices. The little peices engulfed each and every soldier. All the soldiers were gone, and the peices went back together and Bloody Sonic regenerated.

Bloody Chaos regenerated too but a bit smaller. Bloody Chaos shot bloody hurricanes on the four corners of Bloody Sonic. The hurricanes slammed into eachother instantly and when the splash of blood disappeared, Bloody Chaos saw that Bloody Sonic was there perfectly fine, but doing a spindash. Then noticed there were 4 other big bloody spindashes forming behind Bloody Sonic that were attached to him. Then Bloody Sonic sped right through Bloody Chaos' body and all the bloody spindashes slammed into Bloody Chaos, making blood wash everywhere. The spindash's drained that blood and then Bloody Sonic drained the spindash's back into him. Bloody Sonic smiled when he saw that Bloody Chaos was in the form of Chaos 0. Its name was now Gashful Chaos. Gashful Chaos got to its knees. It then turned into a puddle. The puddle depleted slowly until it all disappeared.

Bloody Sonic looked at himself. Bloody Sonic started suffocating. He was puking something else. It was hard to get it past the throat. Sonic's eyes started to turn to normal and the fur back to blue. The blood draining down his shoes, gloves, stomach, and arms dried up and disappears. Sonic spit out his heart finally and he took it and put it back in the hole in his chest before the hole disappeared. Then a few seconds later, Sonic was back to normal. Sonic turned around and saw Sonic.EXE frowning badly. Sonic saw rage and anger in Sonic.EXE's eyes. Sonic.EXE charged at him. "Not today," Sonic said with a grin, "Sonic.EXE." Then Sonic disappeared, with only a little cut made by Sonic.EXE.

Sonic opened his eyes, and he was in his cell. Sonic looked at the cut made by Sonic.EXE. "I guess he is real after all..." Sonic said with dispairful relief, but then Sonic thought about the Chaos Emeralds, "but now what about the emeralds...oh no! KNUCKLES!" Sonic knew right then and now that Sonic.EXE and Tails Doll are skipping Tails to go for Knuckles. Sonic had to get out of the cell, but there was no way out.

Chapter Seven: Knuckles' NextEdit

On Angel/Floating Island

Knuckles was sitting playing Go Hedgehog! with a frog. "Got any fours?" Knuckles asks. Silence. "Go hedgehog," Knuckles says as he lays down his cards. Knuckles hears a plane flying by. He turns around and he sees Tails in his Tornado III. Tails waves and Knuckles waves back and yells his greeting to Tails. Tails lands beside Knuckles. "Did you hear?!" Tails says, anti-excited.

"About what?" Knuckles was confused.

"Sonic is under arrest! I can't believe it either!"

"No way! Why did they take him in?"

"Because they think he's the one that caused all the murders."

"Sonic would never do that though!"

"I know! And I know exactly who is killing all those people, but the police wont believe me because some of the surviving victims said they saw someone who looked exactly like Sonic!"

"Hopefully they didn't make the stupid mistake of thinking Sonic was Shadow."

"It wasn't and isn't Shadow. It is SONIC.EXE!!!"

"REALLY?! Wait, who's that?"

"I don't think you want to know. But it's as evil as Tails Doll."

"WHAT?!!" Knuckles jaw dropped.

"I'm going to go free Sonic. You'd better stay safe. I think Sonic.EXE and Tails Doll are coming for you next. You'd better watch out!!! Try not to fall asleep!"

"Ok! Cya!" Knuckles waved as Tails said his goodbye, driving the Tornado III away.

It was night time now. Knuckles yawned and his eyelids got heavy. Then he remember that Tails said not to go to sleep. Knuckles glided down to the ocean and splashed into it to wake himself up.

Then when he got to surface for air, he noticed everything looked different. Angel Island was FALLING! The bridge was burning and melting too! Knuckles tried to swim away. Then Angel Island splashed into the water, and one spiked rock stabbed Knuckles back as he drowned. The pain shot through his spine horribly. But it wasn't bad enough to keep him from surfacing. He finally got to the surface. He weakly tried to swim to the shore

He finally got to the shore. He layed down and he realized that he fell asleep! He felt his lungs fill with water. He spit it all out. He struggled to get up. When he got up, he was in a village of Mystic Ruins of the past! He saw Tikal. He tapped her shoulder. "Tikal! What is happening?!" The sky turned light red and made electricity of blood. When Tikal turned around, she had a sharp smile of blood and her eyes were completely white. She melted into a pool of blood. Knuckles widened his eyes in terror as he ran up the temple.

He stopped and saw Imperator Pir'Oth Ix. He looked at Knuckles with normal eyes. Knuckles sighed with release, until he looked down. Ix has bloody finger. He rakes his claws deep into Knuckles' left arm, cutting it off. Knuckles screamed in pain. Ix also melted into blood too. Knuckles held his half-left arm.

He tumbled and rolled down the steps. Then something stopped him. He looked up, and saw Shade The Echidna. Her leg was cut of, and bad gashes across her stomach and chests. He tried to reach out to her with his right arm but they just got further and further apart. Then Knuckles just realized they actually were, because he was falling down a hole. When he stops he hits the ground hard. But when he looks, it was a ceiling, but then he falls again and hits the ground finally. He got up, and he was on Floating Island again. He looked back and saw the Master Emerald that was black. When he looked up with his horrifies eyes, he saw Tails Doll.

"No....NO! Not me...please....don't kill me...and not the Master Emerald!" Knuckles pleaded with mercy but he knew, as everyone knows, that Tails Doll doesn't give mercy. He just mocks. Tails Doll took a bite out of the Master Emerald. Tails Doll gained more and more power as he swallowed it. It was bleeding to death. Tails Doll drank the blood like a sponge and kept eating the Master Emerald. After he finished it, he burped, and then when he opened his mouth, a bunch of sharp Master Emeralds shot out of his mouth like a bullet fast right at Knuckles. They went right through him. Knuckles didn't shout. He was already dead right after he asked for mercy. His body fell sideways and he disappeared.

"Muahahaha.....Knuckles, tsk tsk tsk, the Master Emerald guardian. He isn't very fun to play with....he's too serious!" Tails Doll said that with a frown, then he smiled grimly and laughed again. Then he disappeared too.

Chapter Eight: Sonic's EscapeEdit

Sonic woke up. Sonic was so glad that he hadn't had a bad dream in four days! He heard something shaking. "Oh no..." Sonic said, "Not another nightmare!" He noticed the shaking was coming from the ceiling! He looked up and a square was being cut with a crystal chainsaw. When the platform fell, he realized it was Tails!

"Hey Sonic," Tails said, "long time no see!"

"Tails! I've missed you so much little buddy!"

"Yea yea, just get up and come on," Tails says with a smile, grabbing Sonic and hoisting him up out of the building. Tails re-installed the part of the ceiling like nothing happened. Sonic gets on the wings of the Tornado III. "Hang on, Sonic!" Tails says as he puts on his goggles. Tails started the engine and then when Sonic looked below, they were already in the skies.

On the way back to Tails' Workshop, Sonic explained everything. "Bloody Sonic eh..?" Tails said wondering. "I bet that Chaos Emeralds can use similar power in dreams as well as the real world. And anything can happen in dreams, but I never expected blood coming out of Chaos Emeralds either. But that is pretty cool. Luckily your dream-self has one emerald so Tails Doll and/or Sonic.EXE can't get it. Also, by the way, Knuckles died. So did Cream, and Big. Sorry, Sonic."

"Oh, it's-" Sonic cut off by thinking o

f something. "How did they die?"

"Cream got her ears infected, which became too big, and when she was flying above the ocean, it weighed her down and drowned. We know that because her lungs were full of water and her ears were big and puffy and hard and germy. Knuckles died by his whole arm cut off. Big got suffocated by his fishing pole."

"Hmm...Sonic.EXE tried to cut off my legs. It's like they're aiming for......" Sonic paused. "THEIR SPECIAL ABILITIES! Remember your tail?!"

"I think you're right! And fans have said Rouge had big b***s, and then look what happened."

"Well, if they're aiming for everyone's special abilities, we will aim for theirs! Now lets find out whos next!"

"I think...EGGMAN! They skipped me after what happened. They won't go after you for a while either. It's like the ones who escaped them, they skip. Because they know we're prepared!"

"Lets go findEggman! are we going to save him? Well, not exactly save, but, finish Tails Doll and Sonic.EXE?"

"I have a dream intertwiner. Don't worry. Lets go find Eggman before its too late!" Tails gets in and starts the engine as Sonic gets on. They start to head for the Death Egg, where Eggman was last seen.

Chapter Nine: During The Flight [Knuckles.EXE]Edit

Sonic opened his eyes, he was still on the plane. He looked down and he saw a red ocean. Blood! How on earth did Sonic fall asleep on the Tornado III? Then he saw red scratch marks on the plane. He looked at Tails, as Tails said, "Don't worry Sonic...I got rid of them...rid of them all..." Tails voice staggered as Sonic poked his shoulder. "I got rid of.....YOUR FRIENDS!!!" Sonic was shocked as Tails turned his head around and it was TAILS DOLL!!!

Tails Doll got out of his seat and headed for Sonic to scratch his neck off. Sonic spindashed under Tails Doll ripping in between his legs, and jumping backwards stomping on the gem. Tails Doll yelped loudly with pain. Sonic jumped off of the plane into the bloody lake as the plane crashed into Angel/Floating Island. Sonic heard Tails Doll's scream, as Tails Doll's gem smashed into the rock. Sonic found it out! But he couldn't fight in the oceans, but then he just remembered. He couldn't swim! Sonic started to drown. Sonic felt blood pulse through his veins. He saw that he had the TURQUOISE emerald. The blood swished around the water more, and the blood formed around Sonic making a bubble, able for him to breathe. Sonic gasped for air as he drowned.

"That was close..." Sonic said. He looked around. The Chaos Emerald's blood has more power then he thought. He poked himself with the sharp point of the emerald and he immediately blinked, and he was on Angel/Floating Island. He looked down and saw the red sea, so he was still dreaming. He looked around and saw no one in sight. He saw the Master Emerald and the armless Knuckles. Knuckles was alive! But not normal, as Sonic didn't think.

Knuckles eyes were black and red. He was KNUCKLES.EXE! Knuckles threw a bloody fist at Sonic but Sonic dodged, and elbows Knuckles in the back of his head. Knuckles fell to the ground. He re-grew his arm and it was made out of blood, and BIGGER. ALOT bigger. Knuckles threw a punch at Sonic, and Sonic felt a shot of pain through his right leg. He hopped on one leg. Knuckles charged at Sonic with his head but Sonic hopped on one leg and stomped hard, with all his might, and crushed Knuckle.EXE's head. Sonic jumped off onto the Tornado II which suddenly appeared behind him.

Sonic turned the key, and the engine turned on but then blood splattered out of the engine. Sonic checked the engine, and he saw Cream's chao! He couldn't handle this. He went to Knuckles.EXE, who's head was smashed. But then Knuckles.EXE got up even with his head smashed. Knuckles.EXE spit blood acid at Sonic, but Sonic dodged it. Sonic did a spindash and cut Knuckles.EXE's other arm off.

Knuckles.EXE fell to the ground, where his arms were. Then he raised his muzzle, signing at the ground to lift. Sonic was confused at that point. Then a bunch of echidna.EXE's came out of the ground. One was Ix, and the two others were Tikal and Shade, as Sonic remembers them. He didn't remember the others, just figuring they had Knuckles' echidna bloodline. Some tried to throw fists at Sonic, but he just jumped and did a homing attack, which squashed them to the ground and died from that. The whole echidna ambush was done for.

But then their blood started to gather together. Sonic saw a Chaos Emerald forming inside the combining bloodcells. When the blood combined, they started to form a shape. The shape formed into the Biolizard. Sonic licked the blood off of his turquoise Chaos Emerald. A bloody dome surrounded Sonic. When it disappeared, he was Bloody Sonic. Bloody Sonic was ready.

Chapter Ten: Bloody BiolizardEdit

Bloody Biolizard shot a beam of blood, like Bloody Chaos' but faster and thinner, but Bloody Sonic dodged the shot. He spindashed ontop of it's tail, and hit the heart that was sticking out it's back. He jumped off and landed perfectly on his two legs.

The biolizard called out in rage. He charged his gaping mouth at Bloody Sonic, but he jumped, forming a blood knife, and stabbed the biolizard's eyes, which fell to the ground off of its face. Bloody Sonic threw the knife at the biolizard's heart. A bloody grenade blocked the way and shot at the hedgehog. Bloody Sonic flew back a few yards, eyes flaring with anger.

Bloody Sonic made a bloody sword out of his hand, and chopped off the biolizard's tail. The pipes pumped blood into the used-to-be tail, and it regenerated slowly, forming itself once again. So did the eyes of Bloody Biolizard. He could see the rage flaring in the "supposed" mechanical eyes of Bloody Biolizard.

Bloody Biolizard shot several bloody grenades at Bloody Sonic. He dodged them all, catching two. He threw the two grenades at the biolizard's heart. The biolizard yelped in rage. The blood flowing through the pipes were getting even redder. Bloody Sonic grinned evilly and laughed hysterically at the biolizard. The biolizard got even more mad.

"Got anymore blood stored with me," Bloody Sonic taunted, "or is that all you got, lizard-blood!"

The biolizard got more and more mad the more Bloody Sonic teased him. The biolizard jumped high up and was aiming for Bloody Sonic. Bloody Sonic formed into a ball and charged up his spindash. Once Bloody Biolizard was falling, Bloody Sonic shot up right through it's stomach and hit its heart, going straight through it.

Bloody Sonic landed still doing his spindash, and charged at Bloody Biolizard's neck. Suddenly the biolizard swinged its whole head forcefully at Sonic, batting him painfully at the sky. Bloody Sonic landed, hurting, on the Master Emerald.

Bloody Sonic suddenly felt more powerful after licking the Master Emerald's remaining blood. Bloody Sonic got up and started floating. Then suddenly a bunch of bloody tentacle ripped through his back. He realized it was his. They all went through Angel/Floating Island's ground and wrapped around it. Before Bloody Biolizard crushed the tentacles, the tentacles flipped Angel/Floating Island over, making the biolizard fall deep into the lake. Bloody Sonic fell to the ground, tentacles going back inside his back, spine restoring.

Sonic changed into his normal form. He doesnt have enough blood to be Bloody Sonic for now. Sonic sits down, waiting for his blood to regenerate, which is, but slowly. Sonic felt a sudden earthquake on Angel/Floating Island. But it isn't even on could it even have an earthquake?! Sonic thought, until he remembered this was a nightmare and then Bloody Biolizard might still be alive.

He checked below. The biolizard was standing in the water, alot bigger, and had it's hands on each side of the island, shaking it. The biolizard opened its mouth, tilting the island towards its gaping mouth, hoping to eat it's hedgehog prey -or predator, but neither of them were sure about it now- chomping down on the side of the island. Sonic clung to a tree, and upside-down too to keep the Master Emerald in position. Then the whole island turned upside down. Sonic knew it was impossible to save the Master Emerald by the way he is right now. He thought quickly, then grabbed the Master Emerald and jumped inside Bloody Biolizard.

Sonic opened his eyes. He was on the biolizard's tongue. He got an idea! He grabbed the Master Emerald and walked to the intestines. It was full of blood, so he had to swim, and he had to hurry because he needed oxygen. He took a deep breath, holding the Master Emerald, and dived under into the blood.

Sonic felt something tug at his leg. He looked behind him and it was Tails with one lost eye and the bottom-half of his body gone. Sonic wouldnt fall for this, and he saw the gem nearly invisible on Tails' forehead. Sonic kicked it and Tails' yelped in pain and disappeared. Sonic finally got to the heart. He spindash straight through the heart making a hole in it.

Sonic burst out of the water as the Bloody Biolizard drowned, with Tails Doll inside it. Sonic jerked himself awake, wiping sweat off of his forehead. They were at the Death Egg finally!

Sonic looked at Tails, who was standing still. Sonic tapped Tails' shoulder. Then Tails' head slid off, splirting blood. Sonic yelped. "TAILS!!! BEST BUDDY!!!" Sonic knew he couldn't do anything. "I will get you for this, Tails Doll and Sonic.EXE!" he challenged.

Sonic picked up the Dream Intertwiner, and ran into the entrance.

Chapter Eleven: [More Than] Death EggEdit

(to be continued)

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