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This Story was Made by Jkirk Corporations, this story isn't made to offend anyone or anything. Sonic the Hedgehog belongs to SEGA, and Sonic.exe belongs to JC the Hyena!

--- Jkirk Corporations


The Game....Edit

Sonic 2.exe was either a Glitch, Hack, Virus, or it was made by Someone or Something other than SEGA.

Heres the Story! (Note: This Story is NOT Real, although it might be scary.)Edit

I have always loved Games since i was 5, Especially Sonic the Hedgehog. I really loved both the Classic's and Modern ones... but something made me change my view of the Classic Era. This Game.... This DREADED game. It has cursed me with an Experience i will never forget. But you're all wondering, How in the Fucking hell did i Get this Game? Well I'll Tell Ya.

It all Started 2 Weeks ago, I was going around on my Average Day. I was playing a 2 Vs 2 A.I Skrimish Map on Command and Conquer: Generals Zero Hour (Games like 11 Years old or something.), When i heard the doorbell rang. So i paused my game and see who would come knocking on my door at 3 AM in the damn morning (Yes, i was playing at Night.). I open the door, and i see my Best Friend Andrew in front of my door, Normally hes Cheerly and Always opening up to telling you random stuff. But this time was different. He looked like he just got scared the ever living shit out of him. He even looked kind of pale and got Goosebumps on his Arms... He was also carrying a Small Box. He Just Handed it to me, Told me "DESTROY THIS GAME, YOU'LL DESTROY THEM, AND YOU'LL SAVE US ALL" in a rather freaked out Tone, and just ran. At that point, i was like, What the Fuck just happened? And i just shut the door. At that point, i was tired from staying up at 3AM playing Games, so i set the box on my desk and went to sleep.......

1 and a Half Weeks Later, I was cleaning my place up, and i stumbled upon the Box, i toldly forgot it and i remembered Andrew gave it to me.... i haden't seen him ever since. So i opened the Box, what was kinda funny was it had a Radation Symbol on the top, so i thought it was some sort of joke... I regreted everything what happened after i opened it. There was a Disk in the box, one lone disk. I thought Andrew must've gone insane, cause he was freaking out by a Disk. But when i picked it up, and flipped it, I saw the words SONIC 2. At that point, i was a little excited about the Game, because, well, i like Sonic. But what was unnerving about the Disk was that the words were written in Red Marker. So Andrew must've gotten it from either Ebay, A Black Market, Amazon, or something like those. So i got on my Computer and put in the disk... what sucked was that it took 3 HOURS to download. So i went a played Halo Reach and Minecraft on my Xbox 360. After that, i checked on the Download, and it was done. I then started playing, not knowing what terrible stuff lied in front of me.

The Game Started. However, it didn't show the SEGA jingle and the Sonic Team. It just skipped right ahead to the Title. I thought it was a gllitch and moved on. However when i pressed Start, The Title Screen changed for 3 seconds and it went black. What the fucked up part was that The Ocean turned red, BLOOD RED. The Sky was like a Dark Void, But Sonic and Tails were the worst. They both had Black Eyes with Red Dots glowing starring RIGHT at me. They're eyes were bleeding as well. My Reaction Was: "What. The Fucking. Hell"? And then Something else happened. Some Red Text came and said. "My Dear Boy, Don't you ever learn to listen to whats more Important, Like YOUR LIFE"? That really scared me. Then the Sonic 3 Menu came up, which was weird, because 1. What the hell was this doing in Sonic 2? 2. Only 3 Characters, Knuckles, Dr. Robotink, and Silver Sonic were playable, and 3. The Backround was a black Void and it didn't show the stages on the TV screens, and Robotink and Silver Sonic was locked. So my next thought was "Yep, this is a hacked game". Which really looked like it. So then i said Screw it and decided to play as Knuckles. I waited for about 8 seconds before 2 Pixelated Kefka Laughs came coming through my ears, they kinda sounded too real.... The Screen went to black, i waited about 25 seconds until the Stage Name came up...

"EMERALD, ACT 1". That kinda looked freaky to me, cause for one the stage name was suppose to say Emerald Hill, Act 1. But instead it just showed EMERALD, ACT 1. Now normally this is the part where smart people quit the Fucking Game. But Curosity got the best of me and i went onward with the game. Then it showed Knuckles in Emerald Hill from Sonic 2 (No Shit.), although he looked like he didn't want to go onward with the game. But i made him go onward anyway. The Music was a bit freaky as well, it sounded like Emerald Hill but in a Reversed, Demonic Way. 2 to 4 Minutes passed and all i'm seeing is Flat Terrian. "What the Fuck Game?! I thought i was gonna get entirtained..." Then something appeared in front of Knuckles... it was a Motor Bug Badnik from Sonic 1. I tried jumping over it but instead Knuckles just punched it, Okay, that works too. But when Knuckles punched the Badnik, Blood and Guts came out of it, i think i even saw some flesh. Knuckles looked down at the Badnik in Horror and kneeled down, he began crying. I pressed the keyboards, but obvisously this is a Cutscene. So i just kicked back and watched Knuckles cry there for about 2 and a Half minutes... He then got up and i was in control of him again... The Music slowed down a bit, Odd. I kept on going Right, and as i got further and further, The More Reder the Ocean in the backround appeared. Now at this point i was like: Whoever made this Hack is one Fucked up Person.

But then Knuckles stopped, and what was in front of him was Sonic the Hedgehog... But at that very SECOND, the music stopped. What was weird about Sonic is that he had a few bloodstains on him... as if he just brutally murdered someone. Knuckles looked at him in confusion, he then slowly walked up to the Hedgehog... as he did, i heard faint static, and it got louder as Knuckles got closer to Sonic. What happened next was Horrible... Sonic then opened his eyes, and they were Black with Red Glowing Dots, just like the Title Screen. Knuckles then panicked and ran towards left. That went on for a minute when all of the Sudden, A Biplane came out of nowhere and crashed 10 feet from Knuckles. Knuckles then walked up to the plane crash, only to find Tails lying there, lifeless. Knuckles pulled Tails out of the cockpit and laid him on the floor. He then turned around and sobbed a few tears... But then, Tails opened his eyes and they were just like Sonic's... Black with Red Glowing Dots. Tails then stood up, and leaped at Knuckles. The Screen went black and i heard a Scream that went on for 7 seconds.... Did Tails just murder Knuckles?!

(More Coming Soon)

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