Drawings 026


Classification: Multi-typed Pokemon

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 156.1 lbs

Type: Steel-Normal

Pokedex 1: Scientists copied Multien into Multitwo to make the only multi-types human-made pokemon. Steel Wing and Iron Tail change depending on Multitwo's type.

Pokedex 2: When Multitwo was made, it glitched and its mind evolved and destroyed the lab and fled, doing its own thing. It was the only multi-typed robot of all pokemon, and it thought it was indestructable.

Breedable: No

Gender: None


Disarming Voice

Dazzling Beam



Aerial Ace

Air Slash

Crafty Shield

Mirror Shot

Shift Gear

Wing Attack

Steel Wing

Sky Attack

Brave Bird

Feather Dance

Iron Tail

Meteor Mash


King's Shield

Doom Desire

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